Foam concentrate analysis.


Physicochemical test to prove the quality of foam concentrates of low expansion used for fixed deck foam fire fighting systems.

  • Types of foam concentrates:
    Low expansion foam:
    • Aqueous film-forming foam concentrate (AFFF).
    • Synthetic (S).
    • Proteinic (P).
    • Fluoroproteinic (FP).
    • Alcohol-resistant foam (AR).
  • IMO Msc. 1/Crc. 1312 revised guidelines for the performance and test criteria, and surveys of foam concentrates for fixed fire-fighting systems.
  • Test for type approval of foam concentrates:
    • Freezing and Sedimentation.
    • Kinematic viscosity.
    • Ph value.
    • Expansion ratio.
    • Drainage time.
    • Fire test.
    • Volume mass.
    • Refractive index.

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